The next kiriban will be 500. Please check out the kiriban page for more info!


Welcome to Shadow Gray!

This web site, designed and managed by V, is still under construction, and is nowhere near finished. Please sit tight--it will take awhile.

Note: The links now work, but there's only content on a few of the pages.

Current Status: Under Construction - Adding Content
May 17 - New layout went up!
April 5 - Finished construction!
February 18 - Finished layout, began construction
December 31 - Began new layout
December 29 - New Fan Art +1 Saiyuki
December 27 - Kit wins the Kiriban~
December 21 - New Fan Art! +1 Saiyuki
December 07 - Wow look, an update! +5 Dragons :D
August 20 - V returns!
July 21 - V leaves for Mori no Ike for a month! D:?
July 20 - Runway Photo Shoot Update!
July 19 - New Fan Art! +1 Fullmetal Alchemist, +1 Saiyuki
June 30 - Shadow Gray is now officially open! :D
June 29 - Completed the finishing touches~!
June 5 - Began preparation to go on line!
May 25 - Last day of school!
May 24 - Finished construction!
May 04 - Started construction!


What's to come?

Basically, this site will be a compellation of all my interests that I feel like sharing. This will include ABJDs, fan art, original art, cosplay, and whatever else I feel like.

Additionally, I spent a long time doing the layout all super crazy like how it is so that I could demonstrate my relative skill in the area of web design. I do design, build, and manage web sites for anyone interested, for cheap.

Lemme see... What else... Ummm... I do have a Kiriban section/event thingy, so if you win, you get to email me and ask for anything you want me to do! I've updated the Kiriban page, please take a look to see rules and things~

The About section is all about yours truly. In case you want to know about me, for some strange reason.

The doll section will of course be all about my beloved dolls, Marlowe and Hemlock. They are both Asian Ball Joint Dolls (ABJDs), and if you've never heard of them, you, like many other people, need to learn about them somehow. Because they win.

My Original Works section will be all about my own original stuff! I have many many characters, whom I draw more than anything else, and they will all be found in that section. I love drawing creatures (Dragons, monsters, animals, etc.), and all of them will be in the creatures section.

Fan Works is, of course, for fan related things. All the fan art I do (which I warn you, isn't much), will be on the fan art page, and all my exploits into the realm of cosplay will be on the cosplay page.

And this hereby concludes my little (only not) explanation of the site! Just by the way this is designed, I really had a lot of space to fill. I lose that way. I hope you can put up with it!